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seer of rage powers

A Seer of Rage will be able to see the doubts and fears of their group and know what can trigger each teammate’s wrath, But a Seer will also understand what thoughts drive them forward trough tough times and how to knock some sense into them if their head gets stuck in the clouds full of unrealistic hopes and the Seer will be able to see the path to any possible outcome no matter how rough with the focus and determination granted by the aspect of Rage. Class:Mages are an odd group. Powers: As the Mage of Rage there are a few speculated powers you’re going to have. At high levels they could turn an enemies underlings into their own underlings and overwhelm them, they can also keep their team in check by making sure that everyone stays friends and that they’re all keeping their promises. Since the Prince of Rage would destroy with rage, they could go into a deep, unstoppable fury. And being able to destroy an aspect such as light would be an amazing power to have in game! Page of Time. At lower levels they could meld into dark emotions. Curious as to how much of an edge a title would give someone in a … Or they may have a knack for figuring out people based off what they get upset over and what they’re like when upset. As for combined powers the witch can shroud the team in mystery while the knight can draw the agro away from them making the rest of the team harder to notice. Insight Into Their Rage: The Seer can focus on a target to gain insight into one of their emotional states covered under the Rage aspect, Such as what they fear or angers them, What they are doubting or something they wish to defy. Mages also can have slight manipulation of their aspect so they can alter the flow of time for enemies and freeze them in time or speed themselves or enemies up. Knight of Rage SEER Seer of Breath Seer of Space Seer of Time Seer of Light Seer of Mind Seer of Heart Seer of Life Seer of Void Seer of Hope Seer of Doom Seer of Blood Seer of Rage ROGUE Rogue of … You do know how to sweet talk a fellow. When a beastmaster with this rage power attempts a saving throw against a fear effect, he can enter a rage as an immediate action (as long as he would normally be able to enter rage). Savage Seer A rage prophet’s class level stacks with barbarian levels for determining the effect of his rage powers, oracle revelations, and his oracle’s curse. I feel like this wasn’t an in depth description of the potential powers of these two, If I find something else or something comes to mind I will reblog this post and add my thoughts to it, Shout out to my good friend @bluschooled for helping me with this one, Rogues have too much of their aspect, a rogue of time would have alot of time on their hands and sometimes they’re okay with that but other times their bored out of their skull. On its most basic and literal level, you’ll likely just be able to tell which way the wind will blow. Minor themes of temper, spite, and base instincts. The Muse of Rage will either save everyone from themselves or … A way in which a Seer of Hope might invert includes becoming angry and rushing to the front lines to fight - something that would get them killed due to their poor fighting ability. They can also stop people from doing things that they promised they would do. like most rage players they aren’t trying to be mean it just kind of happens sometimes they’re aware of it though and can calm down but other times it comes out full force whether they want it to or not. This could make any fight considerable easier by making the enemy extremely unlucky, probably accidentally killing them selves!The Prince of Light, like other princes, is an incredibly powerful player. As always, the higher up the echeladder, the further ahead and more complex they can make their plans. If a Mage of Rage … Rogue of Light and the Seer of Void should make an interesting team as their powers both compliment each other and work well together, Heir of Life should give the team the bonus lift that they all need, … What they do with it after that is their choice. Rogue of Mind here! Seer of Rage-Seers understand their aspect comprehensively and use that knowledge to advise others. Classpect Analysis: Thief of Rage This is a harder classpect to pin down because we’ve only seen Rage players with destructive classes, but here we go anyway. Page of Space. Though if the … While an understanding of one’s inversion is necessary to become a well-developed … Seer of Void. A rogue of bloods powers could be along the lines of they make other people’s friendships fail and make someone else’s flourish. Rogues steal things and give them to themself others and blood is the aspect of friendship, brotherhood, bonds, and commitment. Seer-Seers are shown knowledge of their Aspect through its symbolic manifestations, like visions, persons, or magical objects. The Seer of Hope would invert to a Witch of Rage, or one who manipulates and changes rage. They move their aspect from one … [[MORE]] … sorry if the formatting on my posts are a little weird from not on, because for some reason whenever I press enter it refreshes the page and makes me lose my progress on the post. She did’t had the powers of a Seer, but she could know where and when and how to sabotage the team. Thief of Rage Steals rage, or steals through rage. Seer of Life. If you’re their friend and you need something they’ll always be there for you, provided you’re on their good side. Anxiety-increase chance of missing. That being said, being a rage player doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person! Can you explain the powers and personality of a Mage of Time? Aspect:Rage is an aspect that deals with negative emotions, rage, and possibly insanity too. They always give time to their friends whether it’s to help with a project or just to talk to them They’re always eager to volunteer their time to go and do something but the opportunity has to come to them, they won’t seek it out, they also never create opportunities for themselves. Bard of Rage The Bard of Rage. They would be able to, in a way, get people to do whatever they wanted; trick them into doing something foolish. Personality:A mage of time is someone who understands time, they’re someone who has everything they’re doing printed out on a schedule and they can figure out approximately how long certain things will take them. This does not grant additional abilities. One who passively destroys anger, fear, and instincts through anger, fear, and instincts. Powers: An Heir of Rage inherits all the Rage. Witch of void and knight of light are almost polar opposites, this can cause them to be the best of friends or the worst of enemies and they tend to switch between the two, one second they’re at each other’s throats and 2 seconds later they’re best friends when they’re getting along their personalities compliment eachother, where the other one fails the other one can succeed and vice versa. Homestuck Title Interpretation Extravaganza Wanting to know what awesome new powers your shiny new title gives you? Sylph of Time. In battle they could make an enemies teamwork fall apart while keeping their teams teamwork in tact. Rage: Anger and Fear, Focus on one idea to the exclusion of all others, Classpect Analysis Welcome! If she was a normal Witch of Space, she would not be able to do that. amounts of Rage in the near future so they may take actions to prevent If you keep an eye on the prince of light, though, then they will become an amazing person on the team!~Haydn. The powers of a witch would be literally manipulating emotions, in battle they can decrease enemies morale while increasing their teams. On the contrary a mage of time might also have nothing scheduled at all and feels alone, bored, and lame not doing anything. This is my first analysis so idk how good it is but I hope it helped, Something I forgot to add here, a witch of heart can also manipulate souls so interpret that as you will, Rogue of blood is a very interesting classpect combo but I’ll do my best. The Passive counterpart to the Mage, Seers … Another thing to keep in mind is that sburb sometimes gives classpect combos that are near opposite of what the player actually is so a mage of time might be someone who cant schedule properly and is horrible at time management, meaning their challenge would be to develop effective time management skills. thanks for asking! Personality-wise, we haven’t seen a huge amount, due to both Gamzee and Kurloz being destroyer classes, so they generally act like the opposite (so they’re more like a Hope player).However we can speculate! Heir of Rage powers and Personality? Seers tend to be a bit self … The Heir of Rage can become negative emotions. One that sees: an inveterate seer of sights. Their challenge is to be able to translate their insight and knowledge into action and decision.A Seer of Rage … Thank you :D. How about the personality and powers of a Mage of Rage? Powers of a rogue of time would be they could literally steal time, they could steal parts of a person’s life span and give it to themselves or others. General Rage Powers A creature or character with the rage class feature gains the benefits of rage powers only while raging, and some of these powers require taking an action first. once again I’m very sorry that this has taken me so long, theres no reason that it should’ve been this long. A fully realized Seer … Seer: One who knows about their aspect or collects information trough their aspect, Knows the path to their aspect. Rage has associations with religion, which is odd in that the aspect of faith, Hope, is its opposite. They’d want others to feel as they do and would want their friends to be happy and would try to make them happy. The inversion of a Seer of Hope is a Witch of Rage: one who actively manipulates through negative emotions, anger, and limited choices. Mages have been known to suffer from their aspect, so a mage of blood might suffer from his friends whether it’s them not being good friends back or the mage taking the good friend thing way out of proportion and over exerting themself. The Page Of Rage, who journies to learn the meaning and power behind passions, emotional extremes, anger and agression. Seer of Light. While this may seem disadvantageous to the Thief, the ability to take an enemy’s conviction to fight is a useful skill to have - more so if applied strategically. Relic powers can be unlocked by offering various relics at the mysterious monolith. homestuck classpects god tiers seer of hope mage of doom rogue of heart witch of rage hope seer mage doom rogue heart rage classpect relationships relationships relationship ask 9 notes … For example:The Prince of Light could literally destroy light, meaning that they could plunge the enemy into darkness, making them more vulnerable! It can be seen in Eridan, prince of hope, who acts like a rage player where he is obsessed with ‘wwhite science’ and hates ‘land dwwellers’, wanting to kill them all. Classpect analysis a blog where you can send your asks about classpects, I'm only going to be doing analyses about the powers and personalities of each classpect for now but later I'll do analyses about quests, planets, and maybe someday fan made classpect combos If they got into a romantic relationship it would most likely be unstable as they would probably fight alot in The beginning but after a when they could get over it and have a long relationship. however when they’re angry this rush of adrenaline will cause a few things, first and foremost they wont be feeling pain for the most part, maybe a slight twinge but you could stab them and they’d react like … A fully realized Heir of Rage could create a projection with many facets, all based around key parts of Rage the Heir is channeling. As a heart player they tend to put a fake front and as a witch it would most likely be an optimistic and bright one. When a friend calls and needs help the rogue will be there in a flash because it’s not like they had anything else to do. if you take on someone like this in battle they’ll basically rip you to shreds in a few blows. The Witch can alter one’s battle fury to suit their desires. They know this primarily through watching … In the hands of a capable Seer of Rage, these powers could be the key step in a masterful game of manipulation, whether they use their friends or their foes as tools. Rogue of Rage Rogue of Space Rogue of Time Rogue of Void (Roxy) Rogue of Fear Rogue of Zen. They’d be somewhat helpful to the team, depending on how they used their powers. Im sorry this may not be the greatest analysis as the rogue class has always somewhat confused me but I tried my best and I might update it later. The inverse of a Witch of Life is a “Seer of Doom” this … Whereas Hope is all about the endless possibilities, Rage is a single clear cut answer or route that they won’t stray from. This would be very useful, especially in a stressful game like Sburb/Sgrub! Rage focuses your mind towards a singular goal, so inciting Rage in anyone makes them focused and intense. This will probably be conflicting however, with the prince lacking light, they probably wouldn’t do anything out of thinking they know more, but out of not knowing enough and trying to get noticed. s I just stated the rogue of blood isn’t the best combat class, but if you get one in combat they certainly aren’t useless, as they can make their enemies teamwork fall apart while their team would work flawlessly together. What they need to realize is that if nothings happening and they’re bored, that they don’t have to wait for the opportunity to appear, they can make their own. Sylph of Mind. Keep in mind you can use this single, seemingly underwhelming power to your advantage. FOR ASKS: Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. Sylph of Life. Mages understand their aspect and can use that understanding to manipulate it and some speculate they can even create it. can you give me an analysis for a Rouge of Time? When the Prince first starts to use this power it would be like any standard Rage berserker mode. Ping! They can turn to fear, despair, and other emotions as well as guide them. A mage of time could understand how certain things could affect their current timeline and might be able to spot if their timeline is doomed or not. We just can theorize that: Mages know their aspect and through it, then they act with the information they obtain. Sollux is good friends with Karkat, Feferi, and Aradia and Meulin seems to be liked by pretty much everyone in her friend group.Mages are either 1> ones who gain knowledge through their aspect, 2> ones who creates their aspect, or 3> one protected from their aspect. For examples, Sollux can hear the voices of the imminently dead, learning about their impending doom. The Prince of Light would also have the ability to destroy luck and fortune.

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